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Keynote Session: 6th Annual School Psychology Conference in Vietnam

Keynote Title and Description


The “One Thing” to Becoming a Better School Psychologist


John J. Murphy, Ph.D. 

What is the one thing you can do to become more effective with students, teachers, and parents? The answer may surprise you. In this lively keynote session, John Murphy challenges popular myths and translates decades of scientific research into one core element of successful psychological services. Through a series of real-world stories, Dr. Murphy describes the one thing that can make us better school psychologists and service providers.


Presenter Bio

John J. Murphy, Ph.D., is a Licensed Psychologist and Professor of Psychology & Counseling at the University of Central Arkansas (USA) and an internationally recognized practitioner, author, and trainer of collaborative, solution-focused practices with young people, caregivers, and schools. His books have been translated into multiple languages, and he received the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Writer of the Year Award for the widely used text, Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools, now in its third edition. Dr. Murphy’s work is featured in the NY Times bestseller Switch and the popular DVD training series, Child Therapy with the Experts. In addition to his private practice in counseling and consultation, Dr. Murphy is a former finalist for NASP School Psychologist of the Year, Consultant/Trainer for the North American Chinese Psychological Association (NACPA), and Project Director with the Heart & Soul of Change Project, an international research and advocacy group that promotes client-directed, evidence-based services for marginalized persons of all ages and circumstances. He is a highly sought-after keynote, workshop, and webinar presenter who has trained thousands of mental health professionals and school personnel throughout the US and Europe, China, Canada, Japan, Scandinavia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. Refer to www.drjohnmurphy.com to learn more about Dr. Murphy’s work and to explore training opportunities for your organization or agency.

Spirituality and Health: Implications for family Well Being

Joseph M. Cervantes, Ph.D.

The linking of spirituality and health have become an increasingly relevant topic both in academic instruction and as well as in health promotion awareness. A working definition of spirituality is offered as: an acknowledgement of the mystery and sacredness of life; an increased awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, and an openness to mystical, unexplained events, and experiences. Health is defined as those physical, emotional, psychological, and psychospiritual elements toward optimal balanced physical well being of an individual. There is a critical link between spirituality and health that is reflected in the old Hawaiian phrase: "Wherever the mind goes, the body flows." This link indicates that awareness and consciousness provide the foundation for thinking, socialization practices, and belief systems that connect the spiritual with the physical. As such, coming to understand this relationship in a practical, everyday routine, has significant implications for well being. This presentation will provide an overview for the concepts of spirituality and health, the connections that are relevant to this understanding, practical application, and the direction of this information into a family's awareness and behavioral support of well being.

Presenter Bio

Joseph M. Cervantes, Ph.D., ABPP received his Ph.D. in community-clinical psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1977).  He is Professor, Department of Counseling, College of Health and Human Development, California State University, Fullerton and maintains an independent forensic practice in child, adolescent, and family psychology.  He holds Diplomates in both Clinical and Couple and Family Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology and is licensed in the states of California and Hawaii.  Dr. Cervantes’ research interests are in the areas of spirituality and health, children's spirituality, and cultural diversity. Dr. Cervantes has served as the Ethics Chair for the Orange County Psychological Association, past President for the National Latina/o Psychological Association (2007-2009), and past Chair, Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA), American Psychological Association.  He has Fellow status with Div 12 and Div 45, American Psychological Association. 


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